Canada’s ‘Vaccine-Genocide’ Escalates to Police State with Barricades!!

I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t true but Canada has been taken over by foreign powers who are murdering the population with an experimental gene mRNA therapy that has no long-term safety or effectiveness data whatsoever for anything and is most likely very damaging and dangerous with the true intent to poison the population and make them sterile because that is what they have been working on for years now testing in India, Africa, South America and anywhere else the Gates Eugenics Foundation operates or has partnerships.

Worse than that, there really is no covid cold virus pandemic to be worried about and the whole thing is really a fabrication by media and government with an agenda.

Covid is a cold virus and most sick people have the seasonal flu which is cause by low exposure to sunlight and low vitamin D levels and that’s  why it’s seasonal with short days in the winter in the northern hemisphere. So keeping people locked up indoors only makes things worse not better.

Government policy is 100% wrong to keep people indoors and deprived of sunlight causing worse vitamin D deficiency and a worsening flu season and increased depression and anxiety with constant media blasting fear. It’s disgraceful and pure evil.

It’s all a fraudulent government  policy founded on bogus statistics and models generated by anonymous government experts who work for the government.

Much the same can be said for the whole of Canada’s healthcare and education systems too, both are horribly run government monopolies that are terribly costly and constantly misinform Canadians with lies and propaganda. The government of Canada has been brainwashing its people from cradle to grave for over 100 years now and can tell them they’re eating chocolate while they feed them shit and even raise their taxes to pay for it all while in the process continue to destroy more business investment and capital formation. It’s all being done by the British Imperialist Canadian system. These are facts and people need to open their eyes and stop believing the lies or that they care.

So the Canadian governments at all levels have had a whole year and $380B spent or gone missing since 2020 and still we have no healthcare facilities to manage the supposed third wave covid crisis because our Ontario healthcare system sucks, so only ‘vaccines’, which are not actually vaccines at all; by definition they are therapeutics – and in reality should not have been emergency approved; and suspect strongly this deadly third wave now is being caused by the experimental ‘vaccine’ injections themselves and that is what is now driving a real and serious illness across the nation, all while blaming it on bogus new deadly strains.

It’s a sick joke and a pack of LIES. The whole covid thing and government response is a fraud from top to bottom with all their experts and relations with big pharma.

Notice the clamp down on free speech and censorship gone wild this past year, or few years now with YouTube who has been pulling channels and changing their search algorithms to only favor MSM narratives and have now censored and continue to censor all dissenting views. Taken to a whole new level in 2020 with covid-19.

No dissent is now allowed by any professional in the west or you will lose your job or worse. So much for free speech, science and debate, i guess all that’s left is war.

Or, maybe it’s time for Canadians to rise up and say “NO MORE”.

Talk to your  local police, who are your neighbors, gather together and talk and communicate with each other in person for real.

Canadians need to convince the police and the military that what the government is doing to Canada is fundamentally wrong and is not Canadian.

Canadians now must bring together the law enforcement community of men and women of Canada, along with the armed forces of Canada, and the good politicians of the opposition to these lock-downs and together can defend Canada’s rights and freedoms from the evil powers that have taken control of the nation.

We now must bring them to justice and stop their genocide and this can end peacefully for most of us. Right?

These lock-downs and vaccines are worse than the disease. Of this i have no doubt. Canada is under attack by communist takeover via medical tyranny and this has to end now or it is over for Canada as a free nation, and do not allow their gun grab either, they are trying to disarm you.

For the virus, there are effective therapies that cost only pennies, like vitamin D, Sunlight, exercise; and for medications there’s HCQ and Ivermectin taken with zinc and vitamin C and D etc. are all very powerful and known effective anti-viral and anti-parasitic medications long used against Malaria, Dengue and Ebola and many other well known deadly viruses and parasites, long proven safe, effective and cheap and on the worlds essential drugs lists for more than 50 years and counting.

So the vaccines are a scam and a diabolical plan since there really is no need for any vaccine against any covid (common cold) virus. So what are they really up to? And who are ‘they’? Well that’s another subject.

My honest to God opinion. Canada is being murdered.

This is what is happening now and the lock-downs are being done to force vaccines into people to kill them. Persuasion at this level of house arrest across the nation for over a year is cruel deprivation of the most basic human rights granted to all by God.

God help the people of Canada.

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