Ludwig Von Mises’s masterpiece work ‘Human Action’ is the ultimate authority on human perception, cognition and activity in the realm of economics. After laying a foundation of epistemological axioms and irreducible primaries, Mises proceeds to identify and elucidate the laws of economics from micro through macro with apodictic certainty.

The Mises Institute is a treasure trove of information and media on the Austrian school of economics with most material available free for download in electronic format or for purchase in print and other formats at low prices.

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From the Mises Institute: Mises himself wrote the following by way of explanation of why he wrote the book:

Economics does not allow any breaking up into special branches. It invariably deals with the interconnectedness of all phenomena of acting and economizing. All economic facts mutually condition one another. Each of the various economic problems must be dealt with in the frame of a comprehensive system assigning its due place and weight to every aspect of human wants and desires. All monographs remain fragmentary if not integrated into a systematic treatment of the whole body of social and economic relations.To provide such a comprehensive analysis is the task of my book Human Action , a Treatise on Economics. It is the consummation of lifelong studies and investigations, the precipitate of half a century of experience. I saw the forces operating which could not but annihilate the high civilization and prosperity of Europe. In writing my book, I was hoping to contribute to the endeavors of our most eminent contemporaries to prevent this country from following the path which leads to the abyss.

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